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Blind World Trade Center Survivor to Address SPCA
Human-Animal Bond and Life-Saving Teamwork

On April 16, 2010 Michael Hingson will speak at a formal dinner and fund raiser on behalf of the Concord-Merrimack SPCA in Concord New Hampshire.  “It was teamwork which permitted me and my guide dog Roselle to work together to escape from the terrorist attacks on 9-11, 2001,” states Michael Hingson, president of The Michael Hingson Group.  “My guide dog and I each have a job to do which together permits us to travel safely.”

“Most people take having a pet for granted when, in fact, animals have at least as much to teach us as we have to teach them.  Roselle’s and my story is living proof of the interdependent relationship which can be enjoyed by every pet owner.  I hope to inspire the Concord-Merrimack SPCA donors to increase support for the local shelter and to work to become closer to their own pets.”

Michael and Roselle’s teamwork saved not only their own lives, but the lives of the others whom they led to safety the morning of September 11, 2001.  Michael Hingson was working in his office on the 78th floor of Tower One of the World Trade Center when the building was struck by the first plane.  At the time, Hingson was the Regional Sales Manager for Quantum Corporation, a Fortune 500 computer firm.  His guide dog Roselle received recognition as a true hero.

Michael Hingson was selected to address SPCA supporters to bring awareness of the importance of the human-animal bond, and to enhance appreciation of the unsung “heroes” that enrich our lives every day.  While Michael is in Concord New Hampshire, he will be available for media interviews.

Hingson is an internationally recognized public speaker and authority on teamwork and team building.  His company, The Michael Hingson Group, INC., provides diversity training to corporations, as well as national distribution for the KNFB Reader Mobile, the only fully portable device which permit blind persons to read any printed material anywhere.  More information about Michael Hingson is available at  Michael can be reached at or by phone at (415) 827-4084.

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  • Jean Ford

    I was so moved by your story,I as a young girl in the 60s used to collect milk bottle tops in Bolton Lancashire. I would take them as a 6yr old girl to the Blind Dog School…as a reward I was taken to the puppies and dogs there.You and so many are blessed with these incredible animals.Your story fetched tears ..I hope you find comfort…which I know you do from having such a remarkable animal/friend xxx

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