Michael Hingson, #1 New York Times Best-selling Author & Inspirational Speaker

Who is Michael Hingson?

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On September 11, 2001, a blind man escaped the World Trade Center by walking down 78 flights of stairs with his guide dog. Days later, America fell in love with Mike and Roselle and the special bond that helped them both survive one of the country’s darkest days.

Immediately after the 9-11 tragedy, Michael was featured on the Larry King show five times. To quote Larry King…

“Michael Hingson is an international hero honored and awarded by top organizations worldwide.” This media exposure changed the course of Michael’s life and launched him into a speaking career that has spanned over nineteen years. He now travels the world as a keynote and inspirational speaker that can motivate audiences to action.

Michael has some very amazing credentials.

  • Attended the University of California, Irvine (UCI) graduating with honors and received a Masters degree in physics; earned a secondary teaching credential from UC Irvine’s School of Teaching and Education.
  • While attending Palmdale High School where he graduated with a 3.54 grade average, he attained the rank of Eagle Scout and was inducted into the Order of the Arrow, where he rose to the highest honor a Boy Scout can receive, known as Vigil.
  • Mike enjoys a successful 41-year, sales career, first in high-tech and now is selling attitudes and the adventure of life and the adventure of life and living joyfully to audiences around the world.
  • From the day he received his first guide dog at 14-years-old, Michael has been developing and fostering skills in leadership, trust, teamwork, adaptation and more – all skills which he was able to apply to the corporate world and as a professional speaker for the past 19, years.
  • He has served as Chairman of the board of directors of the Marin County Senior Coordinating Council and he serves on several agency boards.
  • In 2020 Michael was asked to serve as a marketing consultant and spokesperson for Independence Science that manufactures products that make laboratory experiments accessible to blind people.
  • Mike is a long time Social advocate for change concerning disabilities through his involvement with the National Federation of the Blind.

In August, 2011, “Thunder Dog, The Story Of A Blind Man, A Guide Dog, And The Triumph Of Trust At Ground Zero” was published.  Written by Mike Hingson and Susy Flory, it shot right to the New York Times estsellers list in its first week on the market.  In December, 2013 Mike along with Jeanette Hanscome wrote and published “Running With Roselle: How a blind boy and a puppy grew up, became best friends, and together survived on one of America’s darkest days”.

What does Michael Hingson Do?

After 9/11 Mike Hingson began receiving requests to speak to audiences about his experience on that day as well as to discuss his thoughts on Life and dealing with change. He has become a recognized internationally acclaimed public speaker who captivates audiences with his personal and compelling story. He also teaches his listeners new ways of looking at life and their worlds by helping them to visualize from his viewpoint how to live, function and thrive. He demonstrates through stories and personal examples how anyone can be a leader and become more successful in whatever they attempt to do. First and foremost, Mike personally connects with every audience member by drawing them into his world and showing them how to use their own inner tools more effectively than they ever thought possible. Mike speaks to and has expertise on topics including leadership, teamwork, trust, inclusion, public speaking, disabilities, survival, change and much more.

Hingson gives over 100 presentations around the world each year speaking to influential groups such as Exxon Mobile, AT&T, Federal Express, Scripps College, Rutgers University, Children’s Hospital, and the American Red Cross just to name a few. Hingson is Ambassador for the National Braille Literacy Campaign for the National Federation of the Blind and also serves as Ambassador for the American Humane Association’s 2012 Hero Dog Awards.

In countless TV and radio appearances, feature articles, and speaking engagements, Hingson does much more than simply tell his own 9-11 story; he continuously explores the broader lessons of his life and experiences inspiring and motivating audiences with topics such as:

●  Trust & Teamwork
●  Human-Animal Bond
●  Inclusion vs. Diversity
●  Strategies for the Future
●  Adapting in Challenging Times

Why Does He Do It?

As a long time sales professional and manager Mike knows that every audience is different. He does not give a “canned speech”. He works with event and meeting planners to customize his presentations. He talks with his audiences, not to them. While his 9/11 story stays relatively the same he uses his countless experiences from his professional and personal life to engage audience members where they are. He is a speaker unlike many not only because of his story, but because, as he puts it, “I have the advantage of not needing to look at an audience to know how they feel about my talk”. “This means that while I am speaking I can shift on the fly to make stronger connections and create more inspiring moments and memories for my listeners.” Listeners to Mike’s talks contact him years later to tell him that they still remember what he said and how it changed their lives.

Where Does Michael Go?

Mike travels extensively throughout the United States as well as Internationally. He and his guide dog Africa, (now Alamo not Africa), will travel to your event and make it better through his presentations.

During the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic Michael began searching for new activities to help others since travel and motivational speaking became impractical. As Mike puts it, “for nineteen years I have been speaking about my escape from the World Trade Center and how through what I learned about the center and emergency preparedness I was not afraid during the terrorist attacks. What I recently discovered is that I had not begun teaching others how to control their own, what I call, blinding fears from unexpected extreme life changes such as the current pandemic.” By the end of 2020 Mr. Hingson will provide a life coaching program entitled “blinded by fear”.”

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