Episode 165 – Unstoppable AI Visionary with Shayne Halls

One of the hottest topics discussed in the U.S. today is “artificial intelligence”. Our guest this time, Shayne Halls, has founded a company that helps corporations and companies learn to embrace AI. Shayne teaches his clients that they need not fear AI and rather he shows them how to use it to improve processes and […]

Episode 164 – Unstoppable Spirit with Kevin Lowe

From time to time, in addition to having stimulating conversations here on Unstoppable Mindset, I am asked to appear on podcasts created by others. One such podcast, Grit, Grace, and Inspiration is based out of Florida and has as its host, Kevin Lowe. I knew little about Kevin’s story until he and I talked on […]

Episode 163 – Unstoppable Marketer and Problem Solver with Eric Dates

I am always fascinated to meet and talk with people on Unstoppable Mindset who thought they knew what they wanted to do in life only to discover that their path went in an alternative direction. Meet Eric Dates who is just such a person. Eric grew up in the Los Angeles area. He was active […]

Episode 162 – Unstoppable Neurodivergent Multipreneur with Anquida Adams

So you may be asking “What is a multipreneur”? Just listen to our guest, Anquida Adams, and find out. Anquida is an extremely multifaceted company that helps other companies and organizations grow, develop leaders and internal communities as well and create a sustainable model for the future.   Anquida does all this and, as she […]

Episode 161 – Unstoppable Unique TV Program Creator Ren’ee Rentmeester

Have you ever heard of Ren’ee Rentmeester? Well, possibly especially if you lived in Florida in the early 2000s or if you searched around YouTube. Ren’ee is the producer and creator of a program called “Cooking Without Looking”. Ren’ee always wanted to have a career in journalism and began by getting her college degree in […]

Episode 160 – Unstoppable Rattlesnake Survivor with Penn Street

Yes, today we have the pleasure of listening to and talking with Penn Street who survived being bitten twice by a rattlesnake when she was nine and a half. Ok, you may say. So she was bitten. A little antivenom should take care of that. Not in Penn’s case. She had an incredibly severe reaction […]

Episode 159 – Unstoppable Visionary and Chief Marketing Officer with Travis Michael

Travis Michael is all of what the title says. As he says he “played jump rope his entire life over the Mason-Dixon line spending time between the mountains of Johnstown Pennsylvania, and the city bay life of Baltimore”. As I spoke with Travis during our initial call as well as during our episode he is […]

Words Matter…

In January 2021 I joined the Israeli company, accessiBe, as its Chief Vision Officer. Among my responsibilities, I was asked to create a podcast which began operations in August 2021 with the title “Unstoppable Mindset: where Inclusion, Diversity and the unexpected meet”. The intent of the podcast was and is to be inspirational. I have […]

Episode 158 – Unstoppable TEDx Speaker and Executive Producer with Kim Miles

Kim is as unstoppable as it gets. Born and raised in the Boston area she became very interested in entertainment. After a bit, someone convinced her to go into sales which she did and has been involved with ever since. For the past 20 years she has been a professional financial advisor.   Nine years […]

Episode 157 – Unstoppable Bullying Expert with Suzanne Jean

Wow is all I can say about our guest in this episode, Suzanne Jean. Suzanne has spent more than 50 years in the social services arena. Much of that time has been creating and promoting a program called PowerED. She is the Director of Fit4Defense Consulting Ltd which is her springboard for bringing PowerED into […]

Episode 156 – Unstoppable Best Buddy with Garett Tomasek

Our guest this episode is Garett Tomasek. Garett describes himself as an “advocate for the disability community, specifically working directly with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities”. In our time together we discussed his involvement and commitment to an international program called Best Buddies. This program promotes especially inclusion for the community of persons with […]

Episode 155 – Unstoppable BCK Coach with Milam Miller

BCK? Right. We get to learn all about that during our conversation this time with Milam Miller. Milam began life in Texas, but has moved around quite a bit over his life. He always has had some interests in sports as he will tell us.   During his time in New York years ago he […]

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