Episode 208 – Unstoppable Board-Certified Pediatrician and Master Certified Physician Development Coach with Dr. Joe Sherman

Yes, a long title but absolutely appropriate and worth it for this guest. Meet Joe Sherman. Joe grew up in a family being the youngest of seven siblings. His parents who had not gone to college wanted their children to do better than they in part by getting a college education. Joe pretty much always […]

Episode 207 – Unstoppable Financial Services CEO with Shawn Smith

Our guest this week, Shawn Smith, is a 20-year veteran in the financial services industry. In 2015 he founded and still is the chairman and CEO of Dedicated Financial GBC. As he will tell us, he founded the company on a new and innovative model that is designed to do a much better job of […]

Episode 206 – Unstoppable Professional Relationship Expert with Morag Barrett

Morag Barrett was born and grew up in England where she had what she would say is a “normal childhood”. She climbed trees, rode her bike and did all those things kids do. After high school., she went into the workforce at a bank. Although she did advance in her jobs, she grew more interested […]

Episode 205 – Unstoppable Trilingual Presentation Coach and International Speaker, Part Two with Brian Drury

Welcome to the first time we continue an interview with a second episode. You met Brian in August of 2023. He had so much to say and so many of you expressed an interest in hearing more that I invited him back for a second go around. Brian offered us so many life lessons in […]

Episode 204 – Unstoppable Shaman in Journey with Aaron Waldron

I think I am safe in saying that my conversation with our guest, Aaron Waldron is one of the most unique and stimulating one I have had the honor to have. Aaron has, through their life, had a number of run-ins with parts of organized religion which, as they says, left them quite traumatized. Even […]

Episode 203 – Unstoppable People-First Leader with Vanesa Cotlar

“People-first leader” is how Vanesa Cotlar describes herself. She and her family moved from Argentina to Canada when Vanesa was nine years old. She says that while she had challenges due to language and landing in a world totally unfamiliar to her Argentine senses, she learned that not everyone or every place is the same. […]

Episode 202 – Unstoppable Ms. Wheelchair America 2023 and so Much More with Ali Ingersoll

I would like to introduce you to Alexandra, (Ali), Ingersoll whom I met through Josh and Sheldon at accessiBe. Ali is a C6 level quadriplegic who absolutely lives life to the fullest. Listen for yourself and see just how much Ali does in and for the world. As a child, Ali lived in various parts […]

Episode 201 – Unstoppable Joyful Leadership and Development Expert with Katya Davydova

Make no mistake Katya Davydova has her own times of not being joyful and dealing with challenges. However, as you will hear on this episode, Katya works to create and spread joy. How? Well, it starts with a smile. I am going to leave it to her to tell you more. Katya was born in […]

Episode 200 – Unstoppable Savvy Fundraiser with Haley Cooper

Haley Cooper grew up in Orange County California. She clearly grew up loving life. After attending college she was deciding what to do with her life when an opportunity appeared to travel to Malawi, Africa as part of a Christian mission. Eight months after returning to California from this first mission she was approached and […]

Episode 199 – Unstoppable Blind Engineer with Mike Coughlin

Mike Coughlin was born in 1947 and had what most people would say is a somewhat normal childhood. I would agree, but it is relevant to say that Mike was diagnosed in the second grade with youth related Macular Degeneration. While he did not lose all his eyesight, he lost enough that reading, especially out […]

Episode 198 – Unstoppable Polarity Intelligence Experts with Dr. Tracy Christopherson and Michelle Troseth

And what, may you ask, is “polarity intelligence”? That is one of the topics we get to discuss this episode with the co-founders of the company, Missing Logic, Dr. Tracy Christopherson and Michelle Troseth. Their company was formed to help leaders overcome leadership norms that cause suffering and take them out of good work-life balance. […]

Episode 197 – Unstoppable Coach and Business Development Expert with Derek Healy

Derek Healy was born in Ireland where he grew up, went to school and, as he would point out, learned a lot about life. After college he entered the world of finance by selling credit card serves for Bank Of America in Ireland. He honestly talks about his mindset and inner attitudes which, as you […]

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