Episode 240 – stoppable Thought Leader in Stress Reduction and Wellness Cultures Coach with Aimee Bernstein

Meet our guest this episode, Aimee Bernstein. Aimee has worked to help people become better persons for 40 years. She grew up in the New York City area. She will tell you of some of her challenges as a youth and how she grew out of them. Aimee spent several years as a dancer and […]

Episode 239 – Unstoppable Leadership Expert and Executive Coach with Payal Nanjiani

I would like to introduce you to Payal Nanjiani, an executive coach and leadership expert with over 20 years of experience in her field. Payal grew up in India and moved to America in 1997 to join corporate America after receiving bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business in India. It is fascinating to hear Payal […]

Episode 238 – Unstoppable Leader and Teacher with Dennis Dowdell

Speaking of unstoppable mindsets, meet Dennis Dowdell. Dennis grew up in California including attending a college in Southern California. He graduated college with a 1.98 grade point average. However, as he tells us, far beyond what his academic prowess might have been, he treasures the life experience, the wisdom he gained from being around people […]

Episode 237 – Unstoppable Lecturer and Dynamic Motivator with Dr. Rebekah Wanic

Dr. Rebekah Wanic is all that and more. She grew up in Chicagoland and decided to major in Psychology during her undergraduate work. She continued her studies after moving to San Diego where she still resides today. Rebekah and I talk about a number of topics from making and being responsible for your choices to […]

Episode 236 – Unstoppable Company Culture and Leadership Revolutionary with Todd Kuckkahn

If you ask Todd Kuckkahn about his mission in life he will immediately tell you that he “is on a mission to revolutionize company culture and leadership”. Todd has spent most of his life working to better communications, trust and teamwork. He is a life-long Wisconsin resident. He always wanted to be a teacher and […]

Episode 235 – Unstoppable Thinker and Philosopher with Roberto Mayer

When I invited Roberto Mayer of São Paulo Brazille to be a guest on Unstoppable Mindset I did not foresee the scope and far-ranging directions our conversation would go. Let me first tell you a bit about him. Roberto spent his life in São Paulo. Even at an early age he was teaching and tutoring […]

Episode 234 – Unstoppable Bump in the Road Conqueror with Pat Wetzel

Bump in the road? Indeed. Meet Pat Wetzel. Pat is a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton Business School. She began her professional life working in the finance industry in New York City. We talk about some of that in this episode of Unstoppable Mindset and we even get Pat’s take on today’s […]

Episode 233 – Unstoppable Intuitive Leader and Executive Director with Chenai Kadungure

I would like you to meet one of Canada’s top 100 black women to watch, Chenai Kadungure. Chenai and I had a quite engaging conversation this episode. She grew up in Zimbabwe where she went through high school. She then left her homeland and traveled elsewhere. She received her second Master’s degree from the University […]

Episode 232 – Unstoppable CHIEF Coach with Paige Lewis

This time we get to hear from Paige Lewis, a clearly unstoppable leader and executive coach. Paige grew up in the Phoenix area until she went to college at the University of Texas where she learned about advertising and business. After college she spent a year in Japan selling products for Estee Lauder after which […]

Episode 231 – Unstoppable Polarity Intelligence Experts with Dr. Tracy Christopherson and Michelle Troseth

And what, may you ask, is “polarity intelligence”? That is one of the topics we get to discuss this episode with the co-founders of the company, Missing Logic, Dr. Tracy Christopherson and Michelle Troseth. Their company was formed to help leaders overcome leadership norms that cause suffering and take them out of good work-life balance. […]

Episode 230 – Unstoppable Career Path Coach with Rachel Serwetz

Rachel Serwetz didn’t start off as a career coach. She grew up in New York, went to Binghamton University where, as she says, she had no real idea what she wanted to do. So, her major was a general one which left her with lots of options. After college she went to work for Goldman […]

Episode 229 – Unstoppable Observer and Team Leader with Gustavo Rodriguez

Gustavo Rodriguez is all the episode title says. His family moved to La Puente California from Guatemala when he was just five years of age. As he tells me, his family wanted a better life especially for children. Gus says he had a normal childhood and eventually enrolled at the University of California at Riverside. […]

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