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True Stories from a Blind Man and His Dogs about Being Brave, Overcoming Adversity, and Moving Forward in Faith

A guide dog’s guide to life’s most important lessons!

Michael Hingson’s inspiring true story captivated the world when he and his guide dog Roselle escaped the Twin Towers together on 9/11, a story that became the New York Times bestselling book Thunder Dog. During decades of walking with guide dogs, he had learned a surprising truth that helped save his life that day: Being afraid can be a positive thing, one that prepares us to deal with any situation that befalls us.

Now, in Live like a Guide Dog, he reveals how to:

• Get equipped for whatever obstacles or challenges you may encounter as you make your way through the world
• Train yourself to be brave, just like a guide dog’s training equips handler and dog to prepare for the unexpected
• Learn to use your natural fear reactions as a way to focus and concentrate to make better decisions and turn your fear into courage and confidence.
• Apply eleven principles Michael has learned with his guide dogs to overcome the fears that you face every day

Join Michael on the joyful adventure of walking with, loving, and learning from guide dogs!

In Live Like a Guide Dog, bestselling author and internationally
acclaimed public speaker, Michael Hingson . . .

Demonstrates how to Biblically overcome fear and live courageously through awareness, preparation, perseverance, empathy, and faith.

• Tells his inspiring story of living fearlessly in the face of challenges (including surviving the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks).
• Illustrates the bond of handler and dog through his experience as a blind man who has worked with eight guide dogs.
• Advocates for inclusion and diversity, equipping readers to be considerate of blind and low vision people.

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