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I hope this message finds you all well and thriving. So here we are during what must be the worst kind of crisis our country and perhaps our entire world has ever faced. The Covid-19 virus has hit our bodies and it has affected our spirits as well, or has it? Whether or not your body has contracted the virus, your spirit and mental attitude is, as with September 11 or any other unexpected change, under your control. You and only you can decide how the Corona Virus and what is going on around you will influence your outlook and actions. As with the time after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, I have one overriding concept to share. “DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN’T CONTROL. ONLY FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN AFFECT AND THE REST WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF.”

People will come up with all sorts of excuses and reasons for worry while not focusing enough on what they really can influence. People will decide, for example, to trust, or not trust, our state, local and federal governments’ decisions on how to handle this crisis and certainly many will not trust our elected officials or at least they will stress over what our government representatives are saying. I submit that all that stress and fear will only paralyze them and not permit them to think and take clear actions on their own behalf.

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I Get To Practice What I Preach

It has been almost 13 years since the terrorists attacked us in the World Trade Center on 9/11, 2001.  On that day my life changed as did the lives of so many of us in the United States.  For me, it meant a return to California and a new career in public speaking.  One of the things I am most often asked to discuss is “Change.”  We’ve seen a lot of changes in our world and in our personal lives over the past 13 years.  Major hurricanes, natural disasters, the economic crises in our country and in our world and major political divisions and upheavals have affected us all, some more than others.  Continue reading

What Is Normal Anyway?

I have always regarded myself as a pretty normal kind of guy. I am 64 years old and have been married for half my life. I have a Masters degree in Physics from the University of California at Irvine which I received in the usual timeframe. Following in the footsteps of most normal people after college I obtained a full-time job which for me happen to be in sales. I sold high tech computer related products for over 25 years. Sounds pretty normal so far? Continue reading

9/11 Survivor, Michael Hingson, Talks About Mind Control

This is a great interview that I did with Michele Rosenthal. As noted on her website “Change You Choose,” Michele struggled with un-diagnosed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for 24 years. Then she was diagnosed and went on a healing rampage! Today she inspires others to reclaim their lives by creating change they choose.

I was interviewed by Michele and you can hear the interview here:

9/11 Survivor, Michael Hingson, Talks About Mind Control

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News Update – SPCA Keynote Speech

Blind World Trade Center Survivor to Address SPCA
Human-Animal Bond and Life-Saving Teamwork

On April 16, 2010 Michael Hingson will speak at a formal dinner and fund raiser on behalf of the Concord-Merrimack SPCA in Concord New Hampshire.  “It was teamwork which permitted me and my guide dog Roselle to work together to escape from the terrorist attacks on 9-11, 2001,” states Michael Hingson, president of The Michael Hingson Group.  “My guide dog and I each have a job to do which together permits us to travel safely.”

“Most people take having a pet for granted when, in fact, animals have at least as much to teach us as we have to teach them.  Roselle’s and my story is living proof of the interdependent relationship which can be enjoyed by every pet owner.  I hope to inspire the Concord-Merrimack SPCA donors to increase support for the local shelter and to work to become closer to their own pets.” Continue reading




As I sit here at my desk feeling the anticipation and joy at the prospects of the New Year – 2009, I cannot help but wonder what the history books will say about this past year that just ended – 2008.  It was a year of great strides in medicine, advancements in technology and space exploration, and it was the year in which the United States elected its first African-American president, with the one of the highest recorded turnouts in American voting history.  Continue reading