2010 Race for Independence – Blind Driver Challenge

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The tall sandy-haired man walks to the new, shiny red car.  He opens the driver side back door as his yellow lab hops in and settles on the floor behind the front seat.  As he activates the keyless ignition, the engine begins to purr.  “Welcome Mr. Hingson” the car speaks in a melodious yet professional voice.  “Ready to engage.”  Michael gently accelerates as his Guide Dog Africa begins to snooze. Michael, a man who defies stereotypes and enjoys leading others to do the same, is a WTC survivor. He is also blind since birth.  And he is driving a car!!!!!

No, this is not a futuristic dream.  This is a soon-possible reality.  This July, at the National Federation of the Blind Convention in Dallas, a blind driver will take to the road. Michael Hingson’s goal is to be that driver. Michael’s very life this far has defied all odds.  Surviving the 9/11 WTC Terrorist attacks with his guide dog Roselle was perhaps the most dramatic. But blind people are breaking barriers and stereotypes each and every day.

The 2010 Race for Independence – Blind Driver Challenge is an event guaranteed to change the very definition of being blind.  Advancements in technology combined with the spirit of innovation and the power of keeping an open mind are being brought together to turn our attitude about “abilities” and “disabilities” on its head!

Join Michael in making history by supporting him in forging a new “first” with your donation.  Select the “Support” button and help him reach his goal, while demonstrating that together we can make a difference and change history.

All of the money raised from this event will be returned to National Federation of the Blind state and local affiliates in the form of grants and direct funds to help in educating the public about blindness, provide scholarships for blind students, and to aid in the development of new technologies to help blind persons in all walks of life including an automobile which can be driven by a blind person.

It will also be used to support the NFB Jernigan Institute’s programs for children, youth, college students, adults, and seniors.

Together with the National Federation of the Blind, you and Michael will change what it means to be blind. Let’s rev up those engines!

Michael is a proud member of the National Federation of the Blind which raises funds to educate the general public about blindness.  This organization is of vital importance to Michael and countless others, as it has played a vital role in redefining what it means to be blind.

Michael’s fund raising team for this challenge is “NAGDU,” or the National Association of Guide Dog Users, of which Michael is Vice President.  Michael is an ardent advocate and teacher on the importance and value of the human-animal bond, and what it can show us about teamwork.  After all, it was his Guide Dog Roselle that led Michael and others down from the 78th floor of Tower 1 of the WTC to safety on 9/11.

The NAGDU’s team goal is $30,000, which they must reach before the NFB Convention on July 1st of this year.  Click on the support button now to be directed to the donation page.  Michael and his current Guide Dog Africa thank you in advance and will keep you informed of their progress.


National public speaker, teamwork and assistive technology expert, Michael Hingson is Vice President, National Association of Guide Dog Users (NAGDU) and President of the Michael Hingson Group, Inc. www.michaelhingson.com

Help Michael make history and by assisting him in his goal of raising $30,000!  Speed on over to the Race for Independence and donate today!

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