2010 Race for Independence – Blind Driver Challenge

The tall sandy-haired man walks to the new, shiny red car.  He opens the driver side back door as his yellow lab hops in and settles on the floor behind the front seat.  As he activates the keyless ignition, the engine begins to purr.  “Welcome Mr. Hingson” the car speaks in a melodious yet professional voice.  “Ready to engage.”  Michael gently accelerates as his Guide Dog Africa begins to snooze. Michael, a man who defies stereotypes and enjoys leading others to do the same, is a WTC survivor. He is also blind since birth.  And he is driving a car!!!!!
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Keep an Open Mind – Part 2

The Road to National and Personal “Recovery”

The need for keeping an open mind is evident in every area of our lives, whether related to medical breakthroughs, national healthcare, economic recovery and our personal qualify of life.  For example, as our nation is reportedly emerging from the economic recession which touched us all, has our response resulted in any substantive change? Even as the government is proposing widespread reforms, we have yet to hear leadership within the banking system taking any responsibility for the problems.  Nor are we seeing evidence that the banking industry is willing to open up small business lending.  Without a change in mindset within the banking industry, new regulations will likely fail to initiate policies which could foster the creation of new small businesses, creating jobs and generating profits that return to the community. Continue reading

Keep an Open Mind – Part 1

The Key to Breakthrough

This past March, I learned of the death of Dr. Arnall Patz at the age of 89.  Most people have never heard of Doctor Patz or his work.  I never knew him by name until three years ago.

In the late 1940s, Doctor Patz began to observe that babies born prematurely who were subjected to pure oxygen for two or more weeks exhibited a much higher incidence of blindness than babies who were not subjected to continuous pure oxygen for the same duration.  Upon definitive analysis and observation of 75 prematurely born children, Dr. Patz was able to establish a direct correlation between pure oxygen environments for some of these babies and blindness. Continue reading