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Join New York Times best-selling author and international lecturer, Michael Hingson as he shares about his new foray into the podcasting world and what he hopes to inspire and achieve. Start your Unstoppable Mindset journey today!!

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Transcript Notes:

Michael Hingson 00:00
Access Cast and accessiBe Initiative presents Unstoppable Mindset. The podcast we’re inclusion, diversity and the unexpected meet. Hi, I’m Michael Hingson, Chief Vision Officer for accessiBe and the author of the number one New York Times bestselling book, Thunder dog, the story of a blind man, his guide dog and the triumph of trust. Thanks for joining me on my podcast as we explore our own blinding fears of inclusion unacceptance and our resistance to change. We will discover the idea that no matter the situation, or the people we encounter, our own fears, and prejudices often are our strongest barriers to moving forward. The unstoppable mindset podcast is sponsored by accessiBe, that’s a c c e s s i  capital B e. Visit www.accessibe.com to learn how you can make your website accessible for persons with disabilities. And to help make the internet fully inclusive by the year 2025. Glad you dropped by we’re happy to meet you and to have you here with us.

Michael Hingson 01:21
Hi, I’m Michael Hanson, I’ll be your host. I happen to be the chief vision officer for accessiBe. I am blind, a World Trade Center survivor and the author of the number one New York Times best selling book Thunder dog the story of a blind man, his guide dog and the triumph of trust. Do you happen to know anyone who has a disability? Do you have a website that you have never thought about making accessible so that the 20% of all people with disabilities in the United States can use them? What do you think about people who happen to have disabilities? Let’s take it a little bit further. Have you ever had an unexpected life changing experience that caused you to be totally afraid? All of those are questions that we want to deal with an unstoppable mindset. You see, as a person who happens to be blind, I’ve encountered a lot of people in my life, who are just simply afraid of a blind person, they don’t know how to treat me, or any other person with a disability. My wife happens to be in a wheelchair. It’s a lot of fun going into a restaurant, and seeing how people react to a couple where both of us have different disabilities. They just don’t know how to deal with us. Why is that? Why do we have so much fear in our lives and so much uncertainty that we can’t just accept that people are people.

Michael Hingson 02:46
We’re going to talk about those kinds of things in unstoppable mindset. unstoppable mindset is a title that I chose, because it really is all about a mindset. If we have a mindset that allows us to accept people as they are, if we have a mindset that allows us to control our own fears, when something happens to us that we don’t expect, then we’ve come a long way toward being a lot more inclusive in our lives. On September 11 2001, I was confronted by one of the most life changing experiences one could ever imagine. That is I was on the 78th floor of tower, one of the World Trade Center when the terrorist attack. I didn’t fear on that day. There were reasons for that. And we’re going to explore some of those and help you understand how you can control your own blinding fears. But we’re going to do it in the parlance of working with discussions about people who happen to have disabilities, because most discussions, most things that you see on the web, on television or anywhere else, don’t deal with disabilities. Oh, we’re not going to just be a disabilities podcast, we’re going to discuss a variety of subjects, but it’s all going to be about you and learning to control your own fears. And you learning how to accept people as they are not as you think they should be just because they’re different than you. So I hope you’ll join us each week for unstoppable mindset, and they will enjoy what we have to offer. You can visit us at www.michaelhingson.com/podcast to learn more to subscribe to our newsletter and to learn about upcoming episodes. Looking forward to having you with us.

Michael Hingson 04:26
You have been listening to the Unstoppable Mindset podcast. Thanks for dropping by. I hope that you’ll join us again next week, and in future weeks for upcoming episodes. To subscribe to our podcast and to learn about upcoming episodes, please visit www dot Michael hingson.com slash podcast. Michael Hingson is spelled m i c h a e l h i n g s o n. While you’re on the site., please use the form there to recommend people who we ought to interview in upcoming editions of the show. And also, we ask you and urge you to invite your friends to join us in the future. If you know of any one or any organization needing a speaker for an event, please email me at speaker at Michael hingson.com. I appreciate it very much. To learn more about the concept of blinded by fear, please visit www dot Michael hingson.com forward slash blinded by fear and while you’re there, feel free to pick up a copy of my free eBook entitled blinded by fear. The unstoppable mindset podcast is provided by access cast an initiative of accessiBe and is sponsored by accessiBe. Please visit www.accessibe.com. accessiBe is spelled a c c e s s i b e. There you can learn all about how you can make your website inclusive for all persons with disabilities and how you can help make the internet fully inclusive by 2025. Thanks again for listening. Please come back and visit us again next week.

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