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To help celebrate the successful Blind Driver Challenge as well as the NFB Washington Seminar, the NFB KnfbReader Sales project and The Michael Hingson Group, Inc. have obtained great phone prices and are offering complete KnfbReader prices for February or as long as the phones last. We have been offered a limited number of Nokia N95 NAM slide phones as well as a small number of Nokia E72 QWERTY phones.

As long as these phones last we are offering complete Reader systems including the phone of your choice, KnfbReader Mobile software and Talks or MobileSpeak for $1,395 plus $25 shipping and insurance. We are only selling these items as full systems.

If you wish to take advantage of these great prices please email me,, or call me at (415) 827-4084.

Since the release of the KnfbReader Mobile there has never been a better price for this wonderful product. Take advantage of now being able to read virtually any printed material. What you can read is limited only by your imagination.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Happy reading,

Mike Hingson

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  • John Sulewski


    I hope you remember me it was about 20 years ago when you worked for
    a company in California, I believe it was Artecon.
    You came out to Ft. Meade and met with me and my team and we saw a note
    in the news paper after 9/11 about you and your dog.
    Of course on this 10th anniversary we saw your interviews and again were amazed at
    your work.

    with best wishes,

    John Sulewski

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