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Karen Hingson

Here is the Facebook update from Michael about Karen’s current condition. You can make donations to help defray her medical expenses bo going to Michael’s Website here: www.michaelhingson.com or simply clicking on Karen’s picture here. 

“Hi everyone,

THANKS VERY MUCH for all of your thoughts and concerns about Karen and me. I appreciate them a great deal. Here is where we are at present.

Karen is improving, all be it at a slow rate. We are optimistic. As you know, Karen contracted pneumonia which advanced to include acute respiratory distress syndrome which means her lungs are very inflamed and thus breathing is extremely hard for her. Over the past week she has been heavily sedated and on an ventilator. They began reducing sedation levels last Thursday and took her off the sedative completely on Saturday.

Her blood gas numbers have been trending in the right way. The amount of pressure they have been applying to get air into her lungs has been lessening which means she is beginning to work harder at breathing on her own, (a good sign).

What is not happening is that she is not waking up as fast as the hospital staff would like. We are seeing some positive trends in that area, but Karen is waking up too slow for our liking. The nurses tell me that this does happen from time to time. Karen is showing more eye movements and she does react when nurses put their fingers close to her eyes. This is a change even from yesterday.

Several CAT scans have been taken to rule out strokes and other brain anomalies. There is no evidence of any problem according to the scans. It is a wait and see game for all of us.

I am doing ok, but our income is down. My talks are our only source of income and with the poor weather and a slow start to the speaking year for me I am concerned. If you can spread the word and help find more speaking opportunities I would appreciate it. I had two engagements last week and will continue to travel and speak wherever I can since in reality I can’t do much to help accept visit Karen. I know she would want me out speaking as much as I can as she would be as concerned as I about raising our income.
Again, any help you can give in this area is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. I will keep you posted. Feel free to call or write any time and again, thanks for all your help.


Mike Hingson



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