Episode 83 – Unstoppable Modern Monk with Sid McNairy

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I have had the honor of speaking with guests from many different life experiences and life journeys. A number of my Unstoppable Mindset guests have discussed meditation, being calm and focused within yourself and some have even talked about seeing and talking with spirits. I have had no guest who has explained how to use some of the kinds of gifts others have talked about than Sid McNairy.
Sid comes from a sports and athletic background. You will hear Sid talk about how he began at the age of eight years old to use meditation to help him focus and better understand his body. The proof of Sid’s actions can be found in how well he succeeded as a player, but even more as a coach. Along the way, he brought yoga into his world.
Over time, Sid has become a teacher and coach using yoga, meditation, and other skills he has learned to help not only athletes be more successful, but Sid helps others move toward and find their own inner peace. Sid gives us in this podcast episode specific tools and ideas we all can use to be better and more peaceful in all that we do. I hope you will check out this episode with a curious and open mind. Sid has a lot to offer that we all can utilize.
About the Guest:
“He Who Brings Peace” Sid McNairy sparks peace wherever he goes. The warrior within only allows for peace in any space he enters. Winning follows naturally as Sid transforms every part of his life to mirror that of Divine perfection. He’s won as an internationally bestselling author of several life-changing books. He’s won as a football and life coach who guides NFL, NBA athletes, and others into successful lives in the game of life. And he wins as a warrior-monk leader on the stage and in the yoga studio. In cultivating “The Art of Peaceful Living” community alongside his twin flame, the love of his life, and wife Liz, Sid offers the world a lighthouse for self-discovery grounded in the power of peace. He is a living testament to all he teaches, showing the world with his daily words and accomplishments, “Peace is the power to live by. Win at everything!”
About the Host:
Michael Hingson is a New York Times best-selling author, international lecturer, and Chief Vision Officer for accessiBe. Michael, blind since birth, survived the 9/11 attacks with the help of his guide dog Roselle. This story is the subject of his best-selling book, Thunder Dog.
Michael gives over 100 presentations around the world each year speaking to influential groups such as Exxon Mobile, AT&T, Federal Express, Scripps College, Rutgers University, Children’s Hospital, and the American Red Cross just to name a few. He is Ambassador for the National Braille Literacy Campaign for the National Federation of the Blind and also serves as Ambassador for the American Humane Association’s 2012 Hero Dog Awards.
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