Day 7

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Alamo laying down looking at a bug

I guess I really needed the sleep. I didn’t wake up until 7:30AM. So, I got a good ten hours of sleep. Alamo seemed not to be bothered by getting extra sleeping hours either. After rising, feeding and relieving Alamo we did sneak down and get a muffin

At 10 we hustled down to the dining room for a made-to-order omelet. WONDERFUL! Alamo and I then went back to the room and played for a half hour. Outside it was cold and the snow had begun to fall. Already there were rumblings about a modified class schedule for Monday, especially if some of the staff could not get into work.

Sunday afternoon was a time to relax and so we did. We played, but mostly I read a book and napped a bit. I don’t think Alamo minded. Candace said on Saturday that he was looking a bit tired, so I am sure the rest was good for him.

After dinner we trooped to the Fireplace room for a lecture on T Touch. This is a series of techniques to massage our dogs and help them to relax and, in general, feel better. I will use some of the techniques, but I do not get the impression that Alamo needs relaxation help. All he needs is a lap to sit in.

After the lecture I met with another student, Joy Ross, who has a YouTube channel where she puts up lots of videos about herself and her adventures. She wanted to interview me for the channel and she also wanted to do an interview about Aira. As soon as I get the links I will pass them onto all of you.

At about 9:30PM we headed off to bed to await the decisions about Monday. When I went to sleep we had between four and five inches of snow that had stuck to the ground. Tomorrow is another day with new adventures.

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