Aira Presents: Michael Hingson – Bringing the Thunder to Aira

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Here’s a link and an excerpt from a recent podcast that I did about Aira.

“Aira Presents: Michael Hingson – Bringing the Thunder to Aira”

As many of you know, I was on the technical advisory counsel for the last couple of years, with Aira, and now I have been brought on to be the Director of Strategic sales. This is an exciting opportunity for me, and this podcast opens up the world of Aira, how it works for me, as well as what benefits this technology brings not only to the sight impaired, as well as corporations and locations where Aira users would visit.

“Michael Hingson talks about his employment journey and how everything he has done in his past has led him to Aira. And that is what Michael brings to his new Strategic Sales position at Aira. He is not new to Aira as he has been involved for over 2 and a half years and understands completely how Aira brings instant access to information. Michael is well known for his Best Selling book titled, Thunder Dog. Telling the story about his experience surrounding the escape from Tower 1 during the September 11th terrorist attacks.”

Again… check out the podcast here: “Aira Presents: Michael Hingson – Bringing the Thunder to Aira”



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