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As you know there is a petition on the nfb.org website concerning an important treaty concerning the availability of books, worldwide, to blind and visually impaired persons.  There is also a petition on the www.whitehouse.gov website.  There were accessibility problems with this petition at one time, but have been solved.  Here is some information on signing it.  Please do so — time is running short.

David Andrews

Hi All:

Time is running short for us to sign the Whitehouse petition to get the U.S.Government to support a treaty to make books and other copyrighted materials available across borders to people who are blind around the world. The petition needs 100,000 signatures, it currently has only 12,214 and we need to reach 100,000 by June 22, 2013, only two days away. You’ll need to create a Whitehouse.gov account to sign this petition, that process is accessible, including it looks like to users of Braille displays. You will be asked a mathematical question in order to create your account, no CAPTCHA.

The link to the petition is:


I clicked on it out of this message and it worked, if it doesn’t, cut and paste it into the address bar of your favorite browser. If you have a Whitehouse.gov account, click on the link to log in, sign in with your account credentials and then click on the link to sign the petition. After creating your account if needed, you can then click to sign.

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