How many children in America are not taught to read?

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The answer is 90 percent if the children are blind. That represents 52,070 students who are not learning to read. Most Americans are shocked to hear this statistic. And we should be.

There are three primary reasons for this educational crisis:

1. There are not enough Braille teachers.

2. Some teachers of blind children have not received enough training.

3. Many educators do not fully understand the significance of Braille instruction.

To bring critically needed attention to this educational crisis, the United States Congress authorized the minting of the 2009 Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar with a portion of the sale of each coin going toward a comprehensive Braille literacy campaign.

Learning to read and write is fundamental to education, which in turn is paramount to full and equal participation in American society. This coin, the first U.S. coin to have proper tactile Braille, symbolizes independence, opportunity, and the potential of blind people to make significant contributions to society when they are taught to read and write using Braille. To learn more, read our report The Braille Literacy Crisis in America or watch our video Change with a Dollar.

Please purchase this unique and beautiful coin now and help solve this educational crisis for blind children in America. The law authorizing this 2009 silver dollar requires that any coins not sold by midnight on December 31, 2009, be melted down. Time is of the essence–a 90 percent illiteracy rate is not acceptable and the opportunity to purchase this coin will soon be gone.

Be part of the solution. Give the gift of literacy. Create new opportunities. Buy the Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar today.

Marc Maurer, President

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