Daisy Planet – Part 1, Michael Hingson: A Life Changed Forever

Street scene after explosions“At 9:45, an hour after the plane hit, we finally made it out into sunlight…We were less than a hundred yards from Tower Two. A police officer yelled ‘Get out of here, it’s coming down right now!’ It became this deafening roar. You could hear the glass breaking, the metal ripping apart, things beginning to fall, everyone just turned and ran, no one was helping anyone. I turned 180 degrees and started running back the way I came. Rocks began to fall around us. We kept running. David was long gone, it was just Roselle and me. I heard a voice in my head that said ‘don’t worry about what you can’t control, focus on running with Roselle and the rest will take care of itself’. And I had that sense of peace that if Roselle and I worked together we’d be OK…We started running down Fulton Street, caught up to David! We started running again and were engulfed in that huge dust cloud…we were drowning in it.” He was, of course, running with Roselle. Continue reading