Are We Making Real Progress?

As I travel the world and speak about Disabilities and Inclusion I am often asked if I think we are better off today than when I was born.  “In some ways we are”, I state.  “Technology, for example, has made our lives better, but the social acceptance of persons with disabilities has not progressed nearly as far as gender acceptance or racial inclusion.

 If we ever needed proof of our lack of social acceptance by mainstream humanity, please read the following. 

“National Federation of the Blind Comments on Belgian Euthanasia of Deaf Men Losing Sight”

For Local (Barr)Baltimore, Maryland (January 15, 2013): The National Federation of the Blind, the largest organization of blind people in the United States with over 50,000 members, including many deaf-blind individuals, commented today on the state-sanctioned death by lethal injection of deaf twins in Belgium.  Upon learning that they were also going blind, the deaf twins sought and were granted euthanasia. Continue reading