On September 11, 2001 I was employed by a Fortune 500 company to lead and manage the mid-Atlantic region sales office for our firm.  This office was located on the 78th floor of Tower One of the World Trade Center.  At 8:45 AM I was in my office preparing to conduct a training seminar when our building was attacked by terrorists.  I escaped along with many thousands of other people while 3000 others perished in the collapse of the towers.

Within a day the news media heard about my particular story and the clamor for interviews began.  Although my escape from the terrorist attacks was not really any different than any story told that day, first the media than others became intrigued about my story.  The difference between me and most anyone else who was in the World Trade Center that day is that I happen to be totally blind and use a guide dog.  Most people think that it is incredible that a blind person could even be in the World Trade Center much less escape from it on 9/11. Continue reading