Day 9. July 18, 2012

Were back in Tokyo after a whirlwind trip through part of Japan.  It has certainly been an amazing ride so far.  Today I actually get to rest a bit, or for me it really means I get to write and catch up a little.  I actually slept in all the way until 7:30 AM.  I got a good seven hours of sleep, something I think I really needed.  Even so, I haven’t had the opportunity to do much catching up on e-mail much less just sit and meditate for a bit.  A day of slowing down is always good for the soul.

It is Thursday here in Japan, Wednesday in California.  I checked in with Karen and found that everything is fine at home.  I called Celia black, my publicist, to check in.  I haven’t done this since I came to Japan.  Actually, I’m getting things out of order as I spoke with Celia later in the day, but I’ll put it in now. Continue reading

Day 8. July 17, 2012

I cannot believe it!  It has already been more than a week since I landed in Japan.  This is really been an exciting trip and the time is going by so fast.  Today we are in Fukuoka which is part of Kyushu.  Over the past two weeks this area has been ravaged by storms.  At last report 29 people have died from the rain and floods.  While it is humid we are not experiencing any rains and the latest typhoon warnings have been lifted as the storm moved to the South and West over to North Korea and China.

I was up and Adam at 6 AM as usual.  This seems to be my habit here.  After checking my voicemail through Skype and returning some phone calls I called Karen to catch up.  She and Tony are working hard preparing for Thursday’s market.  They seem to be getting pretty excited and I hope they do well. Continue reading

Day 7. July 16, 2012

If this day has a title it must be “Africa becomes enlightened”.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

Today is Tuesday, July 17 in Japan, and Monday, July 16 in Novato.  As usual, I was up at 6 AM.  I checked a couple of voice mails and then called Karen to check in.  It was around 2:15 PM on Monday when I reached her.  Great joy!  Tony was back and feeling better.  She and Karen were working hard on a variety of projects preparing for selling quilts in San Rafael Thursday evening at the open market.  We chatted for a bit just catching up and being together even if it was only electronically.  Actually I know we are always together spiritually so that helps. Continue reading

Day 6. July 15, 2012

In Japan it is Monday, July 16, 2012, again a day ahead.  We stayed at the Hiroshima Pacific Hotel.  As I said yesterday the rooms are very small.  It was a bit hard to spread suitcases properly, but I did fine.  Africa did well with her ¾ of the bed, (not really).  Actually, we slept comfortably.

I awakened at around 6AM and first called Karen.  All was well at home.  It was Sunday so she was taking it easy and not even sewing. Continue reading

Day 5. July 14, 2012

Here we are now on Sunday, July 15, 2012 in Japan or for all y’all in the US, Saturday, July 14, 2012.  Will you ever catch up?

I awakened at 5:45AM after a great 8 hour sleep not even disturbed by Africa pushing me around in bed.  Yes, I admit it, Africa likes to sleep on the bed with me when we travel and I allow it.  There is no such luck for her at home. Continue reading

Day 4. July 13, 2012

Well here we are on July 13, or July 14 depending on your point of view and where you are.  This is the first day I give a real public speech.

I was up and Adam at 6 AM.  First on the agenda was a phone call to Karen and check-in with her.  All seems to be going well at the house except that Tony after her surgery on Wednesday is still in a lot of pain.  She still has not come back to work.  I hope she is okay.  Karen misses her and her assistants a great deal.  Meanwhile, grandma Judy, (Tony’s grandmother and a close quilting friend of Karen’s), is staying with Karen and helping her a great deal.  Thanks Judy. Continue reading

Day 3. July 12, 2012

Just to confuse the issue, I am writing this on Saturday, July 14, 2012.  Of course, this is Japanese time.  It is still July 13 in the states.  However, I decided to stay on US time as much as possible.  At least I will do so for the dates of the entries.  Now back to the real world.

Yesterday, July 13 in Japan, July 12 in the US, was the first real day of work and excitement, yeah right.  On this day after another good Japanese nutritious breakfast, (except for the very small croissant I ate), Mr. Shirai, Yoshie, and I prepared to meet with the Yokohama Guide Dog ssociation official who is bringing Africa the card that made her an official guide dog in Japan while she is here. Continue reading

DAY 2: July 11, 2012

Wow!  I’m really here!

I woke up this morning at 6 AM alert and ready to rock.  This was supposed to be a quote day of rest”.  However, at 7:15 AM local time I needed to be on a Skype video call back to Santa Clara California to participate in an executive event for vendors and manufacturers in the area.  I had spoken at the event on Monday evening while attendees were arriving.  My speech was recorded so that it could be shown at 3:15 PM on July 10.  The plan was that I would be on the call to the meeting in order to address the audience and answer questions after the playing of my speech.  Before calling him, however, I called Karen back in California to check in and say howdy and Japanese.  It was good to talk to her. Continue reading

DAY ONE: July 10, 2012

Well!  It’s finally the day.   Later this afternoon I am off to Japan for 12 days to speak about “Thunder Dog”,  blindness,  and whatever else my hosts wished me to discuss.  This trip has been in the making almost from the time that “Thunder Dog” was published in the US.  Japan is one of several countries in which my and Susy Flory’s book has been published.   However,  the owner of the Japanese publishing company, Mr. Shirai, wanted me to come to Japan to help publicize the book.  Mr. Shirai also has a physical disability.  He has worked with Thomas Nelson Publishing Company to bring other books to market in Japan. Continue reading