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A Further Way Aira is beginning to work to address the issue of the cost of its service comes through the formation of a nonprofit organization called the Do More foundation. Recently I have been asked to accept the position of donor relations within the foundation to help it secure funding. Our initial effort will be to secure funds to help cities and other public facilities establish Aira access within their borders. It would be great, for example, if any blind person could go visit any city public building and travel independently to any office with Aira and not have to pay for the service because the service was subsidized by the city with the help of the Do More foundation. How about visiting public libraries? How about visiting city parks or even going to the county fair and having full access to Aira? These are all the immediate kinds of things we will be working to make happen with the help of the foundation. You can learn more about the foundation by visiting

I invite you to help us in our efforts.
Tuesday, September 27, is not only Karen’s and my 36th wedding anniversary but it is also called “Giving Tuesday”. It is a day that people are encouraged to financially support their favorite charities.  I hope that each of you will see the value of Aira and artificial intelligence in the lives of blind people and will make a contribution to the Do More foundation by visiting Do More Foundation. Our goal is to secure $200,000 in contributions by the end of this year. Because the mission of Due More is so closely aligned with the mission set forth by Roselle’s Dream Foundation which we established in 2012, our foundation has chosen to support the Do More foundation. As always, you can contribute to Roselle’s Dream Foundation by visiting Stay tuned.

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