One thought on “9-11 Survivor/Best-Selling Author to Visit Hartwick

  1. I am enjoying Thunder Dog on audio. Sharon Gold was my classmate at Bakersfield High, Class of 59. I went to her home and was paid to read music to her. I could not play the phrase for her; I had to describe it to her and let her fingers do it. I could play piano just fine, but the idea was for her not to copy, just play. Sharon was a bit older and had teenage questions I could not answer. We loved the same boy. I was glad to learn in your book that she became a teacher. . . . You were extremely fortunate to have office folks in that hellish stairwell. I was with my husband to walk the Golden Gate Bridge on the bridge’s birthday. It was Sunday morning, sweet families who love the bridge. There was no crowd control. A silly blond socialite had a little megaphone and was hollering, “Go back!” People had begun their bridge walk from both ends! We were packed so tightly that when a woman in front of me fainted, there was nowhere for her to go. I felt anger. If that crowd had not been literally clean — and quite sober, lives would have been lost. I understand the rage people feel toward bicycles, strollers and even wheelchairs. Pictures of the bridge that day show the center dipping down from the weight of the crowd! . . . Now I face a diagnosis of cataracts, which is somewhat a relief because some of my behaviors looked like Alzheimer’s. No more night driving! Even in daylight I can’t read the signs fast enough to decide where to go. I get lost a lot. The bling-bling of casinos and car lots is so yang and hurts my eyes. I don’t know if I can get through surgery in time to drive from South Lake Tahoe to Bakersfield for our reunion in May. I might have to ask Sharon for a ride. Your good mind and good energy is most uplifting! As the Spanish say, May God keep you many years! Mimi in South Lake Tahoe, CA

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